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Become Unstoppable: Foundation Course/ Module 1

  • 365Days
  • 9Steps
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BECOME UNSTOPPABLE. Adopt The Sky Is Not The Limit Mindset. The biggest thing that will ever stop you is what goes on between your ears. Everyone has fear, doubt and uncertainties and the lack of time. Knowing the reason why you want something is one of the main keys to your success. How many people do you know who talk about all the experiences they want in their life? One of the saddest things for me is seeing too many people talking about what they want and never actually attempting to go after it or giving up after first few signs of problems. Each have their own reasoning behind why now is not the right time or why it won’t work. So many of them never achieve it. Nowadays with the virtual space and technology, a lot of information is easily accessible and is usually pretty affordable. So what is holding people back? What is stopping them from being successful? From achieving their dream with their horses? 80% of it is their mindset! 20% is the strategy. You must learn to sell yourself daily, to fight for yourself, so that you can have the emotions you want to have, be the person you want to be for you and those around you - your horse! ​ In this course I will help you become unstoppable via theoretical videos and practical tasks - calls to action and challenges.

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