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The Sky Is Not The Limit

Membership and Online Courses

Connection -Willing Partnership- Harmony - Self-Carriage


Step 1: Please fill out the Online Academy Contact Form:

Step 2: If you are signing up for the Sky Is Not The Limit Membership, click below to join the Membership Facebook Group

Your access to the group will be granted within a 1-3 business days once you complete Step 3
(Select Plan & Make a Payment). You will have instant access to the Membership Library on this website, so you can start watching videos immediately once you sign up. 

You can skip this step if you are only signing up for an Online Course (scroll down).


Step 3: Select a Membership Plan below
 - scroll down below Online Courses' Sign-Up.

Online Courses Information:

Realistic Timeline: 365 days to complete each course, with a deadline to motivate you, but not to overwhelm you or to rush you.

Step-By-Step Program: One small step at a time which is marked off as you make progress through the course. Know where to start, where you are at and where you are going. 
Assessment: To complete each of the 5 Levels, each student will submit a 10-minute video and receive feedback personally from Mirka. She will then either pass the assessment or give you pointers on how to achieve a better quality at that particular level. This assessment serves as a check point before advancing to the next level, so the next level isn't a struggle for you and your horse. Anyone can move to the next level without this assessment, but it is not recommended and won't get the Certificate. 

Certificate: Get a certificate upon a completion of each course.

Different horses used as examples: Horses in these courses are at the particular level shown, so you will see Mirka troubleshoot common tendencies.

A one time fee versus a "neverending" constant subscription: Pay a one time fee instead of a subscription which you may not be using (life sometimes happens right?).

Become a part of our community: Once you purchase each course, you will be able to  share your progress with other students who are in the course. You can comment, ask Mirka or other students questions or share a video of your progress. This private social group is built within this website (not on social media). 

Step 2: Click here to JOIN a COURSE:


Step 3: SELECT your Pricing Plan - you will be re-directed back to this page to do so.

Membership Subscriptions and Virtual Courses

  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Sky Is Not The Limit Monthly Membership
    • *Access Video Library, Documents, Weekly videos on Facebook
    • 3 LEVELS: Basic - Intermediate - Advanced
    • AGE GROUPS: Weanlings/Yearlings/2+
    • TOPICS: PFT, Ground, Liberty, Riding with Contact,Bridleless
    • SPECIALTY: Wild Mustang Gentling, Colt Starting
    • INSPIRATION - freestyle performances & training highlights
    • FACEBOOK GROUP follow progress of select horses in training
  • Yearly Membership

    Every year
    Sky Is Not The Limit Yearly Membership
    • Video Library Access, Documents, weekly Facebook videos
  • Become Unstoppable

    Set your "Sky Is NOT The Limit" Mindset (Theory)
    Valid for 365 days
    • Module 1. BECOME UNSTOPPABLE (Theory)
    • 1.1. Become Unstoppable
    • 1.2.1 Identify Your Limiting Beliefs
    • 1.2.2 The Beliefs Busting Workshop
    • 1.2.3. Eliminate Negative Influences
    • 1.3. The Success Spiral
    • 1.4.1. The Power to Pivot
    • 1.4.2. The Success Cycle
    • 1.5. The Concept of Time
    • 1.6. The Review
    • 1 time payment of $50. Valid for 365 days.
    • Choose your starting date at check out.
  • Connection & Harmony

    Establish a connected partnership. Achieve harmony. (Theory)
    Valid for 365 days
    • Module 2 Connection and Harmony (Theory)
    • 2.1. Relatability & Responsibility
    • 2.2. The Power of Intensions
    • 2.3.1 Increase Harmony
    • 2.4. Create Feel Good Moments
    • 2.5. Positive and Negative Reinforcement
    • 2.6. Module 2 Review
    • 1-time payment. Valid for 365 days.
    • Choose your starting date at check out.
  • Intro PFT Course

    Intro - Level 1 of Ground Posture Focused Training
    Valid for 365 days
    • Practical Videos
    • Overview and Intro Level 1 of Ground PFT
    • Step-By-Step Program covering 8 foundational steps
    • Examples with 2 different horses of this level
    • Community Access - Ask questions, share your progress
    • 365 Days
    • Printable Certificate once complete
  • Novice PFT Course

    Novice - Level 2 of the Ground Posture Focused Training
    Valid for 365 days
    • Practical Videos
    • With different horses shown as examples
    • Establish a great on-line foundation (liberty prerequisites)
    • Step-by-Step Program
    • See progress in % as you work through it
    • Join the community with other students via a social group
    • 365 days to complete
    • Printable Certificate once complete
  • Intro L1 Liberty

    Intro - Level 1 of Liberty Training
    Valid for 365 days
    • The Liberty Training Process - Think Like a Trainer
    • Intro Level Liberty at the Shoulder in the Round Pen
    • Intro Level Liberty at Distances in the Round Pen
    • 5 Levels Liberty Checklist/Guide
    • Official Assessment by Mirka Crew
    • Liberty Social Group on the Website
    • Certificate once Completed
    • 1 Year to Complete
  • Novice L2 Liberty

    Liberty foundation in the round pen
    Valid for 365 days
    • Liberty at the Shoulder
    • Liberty at Distances
    • Clarity of cues, body position, use of sticks
    • 365 days to complete
    • Pick your starting time
    • Assessment Submission
    • Certificate upon completition
  • Intermediate Level 3 Liberty

    Liberty in larger areas and at higher speeds.
    Valid for 365 days
    • 365 days to complete
    • Step-by-Step Videos
    • Advance your liberty at the Shoulder and at Distances
    • Focus on Clarity, Connection and Responsiveness
    • Trouble shoot horse leaving in larger areas
    • Assessment by Mirka
    • Certificate
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