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Connection and Harmony: Foundation Course/Module 2

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The purpose of Module 2 is to help you establish a stronger connection and to achieve more harmony with your horse. Horses have specific needs and desires, just like we do. Our main goal is to figure out how to fulfil those. Who doesn’t like to feel good? We all do and so do our horses. The secret to attracting our horses is to provide them with as many feel good moments within our sessions as possible. This is very easily said, but much harder to get done. We walk a very fine line here and it is very easy to step off it. How do we work with our horses in a way that gets them excited about it? Some people have a great rapport with their horses, but they never ask much out of their horses. Some people have hardly any rapport and have usually a hard time catching their horses, and once they catch them the horses do a lot for them, but they are made to do it and sadly sometimes even forced to do it, not always preserving the horse's dignity. Neither one of those represents a balanced partnership. ​ We have already addressed one of the main keys to success with horses and that is our mindset. Nothing other than the environment, a stimulus, or a person that the horse sees as unsafe, will disconnect a horse quicker from a person, than the person's wrong mindset. The opposite is also true. With the right mindset, horses will be drawn to us and accepting of us. We all want our horses to want to be with us right?

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