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Novice Level 2 Liberty Course

  • 365Days
  • 18Steps
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Novice Level 2 Liberty at the shoulder and at distances , builds on the Intro Level 1 Liberty Online Course, covers all the steps to establish a solid foundation in the round pen using two sticks (whips) for clarity of communication at the walk and the trot. Maneuvers included are; AT THE SHOULDER/CLOSE: INSIDE CIRCLES OUTSIDE CIRCLES SQUARE SHOULDER SWITCH TRANSITIONS STOP CUE BACK UP SIDEWAYS AWAY LAY DOWN (Step 1 of 3) AT DISTANCES: SMALL CIRCLES MEDIUM CIRCLES LARGE CIRCLES SQUARE TRANSITIONS STOP CUE/GROUND TIE BACK UP SIDEWAYS AWAY CHANGE OF DIRECTION

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Novice L2 Liberty, $95.00

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