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Online Courses

Realistic Timeline: 365 days to complete each course, with a deadline to motivate you, but not to overwhelm you or to rush you.

Step-By-Step Program: One small step at a time which is marked off as you make progress through the course. Know where to start, where you are at and where you are going. 
Where to start: 
If you are new to Mirka's program then we suggest that you start at the begining. Even if you are an experience horse person. We need to make sure that you do not miss any of the important foundational steps which you will build on, that you get clarity in the system of cues and do not miss any other very important details.
There are 2 very important theoretical Foundation Courses - Become Unstoppable, Connection and Harmony, which you can take along with the practical course. Make sure to sign up for those as 80% of your success will depend on the knowledge gained in those courses!
In the practical courses, start with the Intro Posture Focused (PFT) Course, then go to the Novice PFT Course and then go to the Intro Liberty Course, Novice and then Intermediate. It is very important that you start in the PFT courses before the liberty courses as those are the prerequisites to liberty and will take confusion out and bring more clarity in for you and your horse. Confusion is the #1 reson of disconnect at liberty! Plus your horse will achieve a better balance to be able to hold himself on the liberty circles without crowding you or leaking away from you. 
Assessment: To complete each of the Levels, each student will submit a 10-minute video and receive feedback personally from Mirka. She will then either pass the assessment or give you pointers on how to achieve a better quality at that particular level. This assessment serves as a check point before advancing to the next level, so the next level isn't a struggle for you and your horse. Anyone can move to the next level without this assessment, but it is not recommended and won't get the Certificate. 

Certificate: Get a certificate upon a completion of each course.

Different horses used as examples: Horses in these courses are at the particular level shown, so you will see Mirka troubleshoot common tendencies.

A one time fee versus a "neverending" constant subscription: Pay a one time fee instead of a subscription which you may not be using (life sometimes happens right?).

Become a part of our community: Once you purchase each course, you will be able to  share your progress with other students who are in the course. You can comment, ask Mirka or other students questions or share a video of your progress. This private social group is built within this website (not on social media). 

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Online Courses

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