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Mirka Crew

Online Academy The Sky Is Not The Limit Founder and Online Courses Creator, Trainer, Clinician and Judge



About Mirka

Mirka Crew comes originally from the Czech Republic and is now a dual citizen of the Czech Republic and the USA. She has spent 20 years training horses for the public, competing in western disciplines (Stock-Horse/Versatility and Western Dressage), Extreme Mustang Makeovers, and the discipline of liberty, teaching clinics, private lessons and judging competitions.  She seeks lightness in responsiveness, connection and harmony with each horse. Over the years, through influence of many great human and equine mentors, Mirka has discovered that collection can be achieved even at liberty and bridle-less. She calls it Posture Focused Training.



This style of training encourages lateral and vertical balance resulting in the horse's better self-carriage. The horse is taught and motivated in each session, on the ground and under saddle/bareback, to find better balance and eventually collection. This is achieved through a series of exercises. The horse is eventually reminded to maintain better posture, instead of holding her/him in it. The horse learns and understands this concept mentally, rather than the rider physically micromanaging the horse's body into this posture.



Over the years, Mirka has also come to believe that the sky is NOT the limit. She is helping her students adopt this concept which helps create an unstoppable mindset. She believes that there is only one true limit, the one we place upon ourselves. The most amazing discoveries which she has made started happening when she quit listening not only to other people's doubts about what was possible, but mainly she quit listening to her own self-doubts. She now focuses on the belief that if she puts her mind to something, it is possible to achieve. This concept has taken her horsemanship to higher levels than she ever imagined before and not just her horsemanship, but all other aspects of her life as well. She encourages others to first believe it, then create a massive plan towards achieving it, making it a priority (scheduling it!) and then seeing themselves making their dreams become a reality. 

Experiences and Accomplishments




Mirka has also managed and hosted several equestrian competitions over the years, WOHA, SESHA/VRH-AQHA, AOCA, Alabama Wild Mustang TIP Challenges and Jackpot Obstacle Races and has become an ILHA judge.

2020 - President of the Southeast Stock Horse Association

2021 - Secretary of the Southeast Stock Horse Association

2021 - International Liberty Horse Association Judge

2021 - Founder and Manager of the Southeast Liberty Horse Club

2019 - 2022 Manager of the Southern Cross Ranch 

Two- Time World Champion:

2020 WDAA Basic Level Open Division World Champion

2007 ABRA Working Cow Horse Open Division) World Champion 


Year-End Open Champion:

2017 Southeast Stock Horse Open Ranch Riding Champion 

2017 Southeast Stock Horse Open Ranch Trail Champion 

2017 Southeastern Equestrian Association Open Level 2 Western Dressage Champion 

2018 FHC All Breed Western Dressage Grand Champion 


High Point Breed Award

2020 WDAA World Championship Mustang Breed High Score Award

2021 WDAA Online International Challenge HIGH POINT Gypsy Vanner Breed Award 

Veteran Extreme Mustang Makeover and Mustang Magic Competitor

2017 TOP 5 Mustang Magic (4th place) 

2019 TOP 5 Florida EMM (3rd place)

2022 TOP 5 Florida EMM (3rd place, FAN FAVORITE, Reserve Champion Horsemanship Award, Maneuvers Class Champion)

2022 TOP 5 Mustang Magic Celebrity (4th place) as a guest in Marsha Sapp's Freestyle

2023 TOP 5 Mustang Magic Celebrity Freestyle (5th place)

Veteran International Liberty Horse Association Competitor

2022 RESERVE CHAMPION ILHA Invitational Freestyle at the Liberty Festival 

Mirka has been training horses for public since 2003 and has been a clinician since 2008.

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