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Who is it for?


Is here for those in search of:
*Clarity * Connection *Willing Partnership *Harmony *Self-Carriage



  • lean on your reins, pull on your lead or lunge line?

  • hold tension, get nervous, anxious or rushes?

  • act dull, not willing or unmotivated?

  • act disconnected, easily distracted or herd bound?

  • lacks understanding or need more education?

  • lean in turns, travels with most weight over the front end or has a hollow posture?

  • leave you at liberty?



  • feeling stuck, not making progress or feeling unmotivated?

  • struggling to find that beautiful connection with your horse?

  • doubting yourself, thinking others can achieve their dreams but you can't? Scared of failing?

  • feeling inspired but don't know where to start?

  • wanting to join a program that explains the WHY not just the HOW?

  • looking for a methodical program where progress is made in small steps?

  • thinking that any of these equestrian related words - relaxation, motivation, willingness, connection, contact, balance, engagement, impulsion, collection, self-carriage -  exist just in theory but are way too hard to understand, grasp, much less achieve? Do they sound too complicated?


Do you want to make progress

without damaging your relationship with your horse, even better =  improving it?

Do you desire a connected partnership with your horse?


Perhaps you want to dance together at liberty?

Do you wish that your horse was more relaxed? 

Do you need strategies for resolving your horse's tension? 

Do you aspire to teach your horse

to travel in a more balanced way, in self-carriage?

Do you want to establish a Sky Is Not The Limit Mindset = Become Unstoppable?

Do you want to learn how to strengthen your horse's foundation so that anything beyond that becomes easy?


Then you are in the right place and I can help you!



Who is this for? Horse lovers who's priority is the relationship with their horses, who desire to gain a momentum towards a deeper connection and harmony, while simultaneously improving their horse's self-carriage, resulting in the horse's healthy posture and many beautiful feel good moments for both. 

How can I help you? I help resolve disconnected horse-human relationships, by addressing the causes of tension, anxiety and stress for both the horses and their human partners. I also help resolve the horse's poor self-carriage/posture (tight hollow backs, leaning in or out/lack of balance, too much weight over the front end, lack of engagement), which would prevent the horses from moving in harmony with their human partner. I go deeper, not wider. Too many people are like little squirrels looking for nuts. If it isn't working they quickly change to something different. So many times the results are hidden in going deeper. Strengthening the foundation more. Aiming for a higher quality of the foundation.

MY STORY. How did all this come around? 
To get great with horses I knew I had to work with many of them. So I spent the past 25 years training 8-12 horses a day. I mean, thousands of hours of dedication, grit, sweat, tears, pain and frustrations which lead to many amazing discoveries, aha moments, light bulbs come on, and most importantly - stunning moments of connection and harmony with my horses!

 I studied natural horsemanship methods and learned from many great mentors! On top of that as a young ambitious trainer, I wanted to prove to the the rest of the World that I was worthy of having horses sent to me for training, by encouraging clients to send me the problem horses - horses with bolting, bucking, rearing issues, horses who would shiver in their stalls if a person walked in there. While I was able to help all of them, the process seemed at times way too hard for me and the horses. While every horse taught me something new, my feel, timing, strategies and techniques improved, and I consistently placed TOP 5 in national competitions, I always wondered, why was it still such a struggle at times for the horses to come around?

I learned horse psychology from natural horsemanship studies, but I was missing important education about how to help horses use their bodies in a more effective way, to help prevent leaning, to resolve tension, to improve engagement and especially their balance!

I immersed myself in education on how to improve the
horse's self-carriage. I am not talking about holding the horse in that self carriage. I had the theory from the books, the practical lessons with my mentors (reining and dressage) and then I added my intuition to it while working with my horses.

The results were beyond what I ever expected. Even beyond what one of my most inspirational and influential mentors thought was possible and definitely what I had always dreamed about doing. I gave myself the green light, the permission to explore a new, unknown to me, territory. I was certain it was possible. I had a vision.

I repelled all internal as well as external doubts. I trained a mustang from the wild in 100 days to dance at liberty in self-carriage in a beautiful collection, without anything on her. No bridle, no lead line and she performed this flawlessly at liberty in front of 3,000 raving fans.

The impossible became possible and I realized that the sky is NOT the limit. I realized how much our limiting beliefs can hold us back and prevent us from achieving amazing things.

If I can train a wild mustang to dance without tack in a 100 days,
imagine what YOU can do with your horse with my help! Since then, I have introduced this approach to many of my students and other horses with breath taking results. People who were stuck in the same place with their horse for years, not for lack of trying and learning, but for the lack of the right strategy.  


Is here to help you with:
Willing Partnership


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