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Posture Focused Training

What is PFT?

It's an approach to horse training which addresses the physical struggles which most horses face during training. One of the biggest fears of any horse is the fear of falling down. It's the fear of not just getting hurt, but also the fear of potentially being eaten by a predator. It is based on the horse's innate instinct of self-preservation. They have it, we have it. 

When the horse is leaning, either to the side, or carrying more weight over the front feet, he will feel as if he is about to fall down. Self-preservation kicks in and the horse tenses up to prevent this fall from happening. 

At liberty, the horse might drift away from us and disconnect as a result, on the lunge line he might pull on the line and during a ride we will feel this problem as tension in the reins. The PFT addresses this problem early on in the training, on day one! As one progresses with the PFT approach, the horse becomes more relaxed, more connected and more athletic!

Read about all of the benefits below...

Curiosity of PFT

The number one question people ask me:


"How in the World do you get your horses collected without the reins and at Liberty?"


While bridleless collection or collection at liberty may not be your ultimate goal, perhaps it engages your curiosity. Wouldn't your horse benefit from a better posture and a healthier way of moving? And what about you? Isn't your dream to create a soft feel during your rides? 



  • Attentiveness - Mental Focus

  • Relaxation Level

  • Lateral and Vertical Balance

  • Strength

  • Quality of Stride

  • Engagement

  • Power/Athleticism

  • Collection

The greatest benefit for my horses have been their increased longevity and health!


The PFT has also helped improve the connection with my horses at liberty. Think about it! If the horse is traveling on a circle and is either falling in like a motorcycle on top of me, or is leaning away from me, the feel good moments will be lost and the connection will suffer. Even worse, the horse leaves as a result of his lack of balance, not because he doesn't like working with you!

Where to start?

Are you stuck?

Don't know where to start? 

Do you want to gain all of those amazing benefits of PFT?

Do you want your horse to become more relaxed, connected and athletic, use his body in a healthier way, achieve a better posture or learn many fun and fancy maneuvers?

Wherever you wish to go...what matters is that you get started now and you get the support that you need along the way! It is available right here at your fingertips!

Join the Ground Posture Focused Training Online Course today!


PFT Clinics

During each Posture Focused Clinic I will teach you the simple step-by-step process towards your horse's improved balance, relaxation, engagement and eventually collection.

With only 8 students in each clinic, I am able to cater to each student's individual needs as well as adjust to each horse's level. I focus on quality, not on quantity.

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Don't just dream it,
experience it!

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